I wish I could show you the night skies we have here but I don’t have the camera or the skill to photograph them.  You’ll just have to believe me when I say my breath is taken away  by the sight of the millions of stars visible in the clear nights we’ve been having recently.  During the week I  left the marmalade making and gardening  for an afternoon and went for a wander.  I drove east through the village 

saw a miniature stonehenge built with old slates


before squelching through boggy bits


down towards Lonehort Bay to where vikings and the French are said to have been.

I passed derelict cottages,

 some for sale

 but most not,

  Bere Island’s very own wedge grave

 and an  island gateway.

  Blossom and gorse and periwinkle are flowering thanks to the warm sun

 and lambing is just starting.

You have to look carefully, but there’s a little black face in the shade of the apple tree.

While this gang watched me I watched one of the island ferries coming in from across the bay - the Ikom K.

and this very new little white bull and his friend were having a good look around.

Back home via my favourite bay, the one down the road, to enjoy the late sun.


  I saw only two people all afternoon.

And, yes, this is my 100th post – at last!  It’s taken a long time with my first year of blogging used really to find my feet  and have the confidence to just get on and write!  And another record today.  I’m not au fait with Google Analytics and what they mean but my stats this morning told me that I’ve had over 1000 visitors over the past 30 days.  That seems pretty good to me!

Have a great weekend out there and I hope the snowstorms in the US have melted away!

Just added:  Have just been reminded that it’s Earth Hour tonight.  Find out about it here and make your stand!