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We haven’t had many views recently.

A brief glimpse of grey clouds on the way back from town but generally, cloud.  No hazy summer far-reaching views from home across a sparkling Bantry Bay towards Sheep’ s Head.  Until the other evening when, as the sun went down, out of the gloom there appeared land and sea and even some sky.

Pink sky at night, shepherd’s delight?

I wish!

For any of you familiar with this blog you will notice that there is one view from the garden which I photograph over and over.  I make no apologies for this – one of the best things of living by the sea is that the same view is never the same.  This was this morning with the sun struggling hard to push through the soft mistyness we’ve had for days.

Yesterday however the mist cleared just before dusk and I saw something that lifted the gloom that descends with the mist – the first swallow has arrived.   

Not a good picture I know but I had to capture it’s arrival. I wonder if it’s the swallow whose nest is above the bedroom window?