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It’s that time of year again already;  it’s dark by 6pm, wind and rain batter us and the draft proofing curtains are back over the ancient ill fitting kitchen doors.  But there was an  afternoon of warm sunshine the other day and I got the tulips in.

Last year I grew tulips in pots but they didn’t work well – too wet, too cold, too dry, too windy, who knows but they were disappointing.  So they’re in a bed again this year and instead of mixing up all the varieties and hoping for the best which is what I normally do, this time I carefully marked out the spacing and kept them separate.  So next spring I’m looking forward to blocks of whites and yellows and purples and reds. Ah yes, and green!  The spinach is just getting into it’s stride so I couldn’t pull it up.

And T has replaced all the timber around the beds so it’s all looking much tidier.

Elsewhere the garden has suddenly gone into winter mode.  Most leaves are off the trees though a few roses are struggling on.  It’s been such a brilliant year for the garden that I think everything deserves a well earned rest.  The only disappointments  - after the tulips – were  the sweet peas, planted out too soon in that freezing late spring they never recovered, and the blue hydrangeas.  I have a bed of 12 in front of the greenhouse and normally they flower profusely but not this year.  Think I’ll give them a treat and collect some seaweed.  And Nerines.  I’m sure I planted at least 12 in the new bed but this is all I have to show.  Shame, they’re so pretty.

The new annuals bed was magnificent.  The cosmos wet on and on and the Verbena bonariensis was a revelation – can’t believe I didn’t take any photos.  I’ve left the dying plants in situ in the hope that they seed themselves.  Next year I think I’m going for blues and whites with pops of orange or scarlet.  There’s no point in gentle, subtle colour here – the competition with the view means that strong bright colour is essential.  Seed catalogues have already begun to arrive so I’m looking forward to planning next summer’s plants while the wind and rain hammer outside!

We’re off to Showcase Ireland in Dublin tomorrow for the first trade fair of the year and there’s a whole pile of products, props, tables and stuff to pack into the car.  But it’s pouring out there in a stiff southerly wind so it’s all staying put for the moment.

Back in a week when I’ll post about another colour.  Right now anything would be better than the gloom outside the window!

What a year that was!  It raced along at breakneck speed and I sometimes struggled to keep up. There’s been a birth

and a marriage

Cattapilla Designs has raised its head above the parapet

and hundreds of Gorgeous Wool Bags were made and sent all over the world.

We had sunshine in March

followed by a summer of snails.

We celebrated our own Bere Island Jubilee Party

I enjoyed watching more sport than I have ever done before and was proud of my very own south London Superheroes!

I was interviewed about Cattapilla Designs for Irish TV and later took part in a remake of an old ‘classic’   R Whites TV ad.

And that’s just what I can remember without having to think about it too hard!

And what does 2013 have in prospect?  Cattapilla Designs is going to trade shows in Dublin and Harrogate and my new husband and I are off on to sunny climes for our honeymoon in February.  That’ll do for starters!

A very happy 2013 to everyone.

I calculate that I made 72 mince pies over the Christmas holiday.  This morning there was one left!*

We also had a lot of this

 which made for good puddle jumping.

 A few glimpses of sunshine at the seaside

  a bit of football in the garden

 and a little wandering about in a big open space.

These scented the house

 and these lit up a small face.

  Happy days!

I hope your Christmas was happy and peaceful.

Happy New Year one and all!

*It’s gone!


This was yesterday morning. 

 Like all other recent mornings.  Dripping.  In a desperate need to be outside I looked at the garden in a different way.

Then suddenly at lunchtime the fog lifted, the wind turned to the north and skies cleared. 

 Blessed warm sunshine! 

 And at dusk the full moon hung heavy in a clear sky.

  Perhaps the weather had changed?

This morning it’s raining again. 

Drip, drip, drip ….