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What a year that was!  It raced along at breakneck speed and I sometimes struggled to keep up. There’s been a birth

and a marriage

Cattapilla Designs has raised its head above the parapet

and hundreds of Gorgeous Wool Bags were made and sent all over the world.

We had sunshine in March

followed by a summer of snails.

We celebrated our own Bere Island Jubilee Party

I enjoyed watching more sport than I have ever done before and was proud of my very own south London Superheroes!

I was interviewed about Cattapilla Designs for Irish TV and later took part in a remake of an old ‘classic’   R Whites TV ad.

And that’s just what I can remember without having to think about it too hard!

And what does 2013 have in prospect?  Cattapilla Designs is going to trade shows in Dublin and Harrogate and my new husband and I are off on to sunny climes for our honeymoon in February.  That’ll do for starters!

A very happy 2013 to everyone.

… to watch the Olympics and knit at the same time!

I cheered, gasped, shouted and clapped as those dedicated athletes showed us what they’re made of.  As un-sporty as I am –  in my school days I had the most frequent and disabling periods in history to avoid hockey and gym –  I thoroughly enjoyed watching all that activity whilest I sat on the sofa trying to knit.  I really shouldn’t have bothered.  Although not a complicated stitch, counting is important and every morning I retrieved a tangle of wool and needles which needed concentration and patience to put right.

I think I managed to put most of it right but there are mistakes too far back to unravel.  They will be my deliberate mistakes, like the Islamic carpet weavers who show their humility by making deliberate mistakes believing that perfection belongs only to Allah.

Can you see it?

We were in London last weekend, visiting family before the promised hordes invade for the Olympics.

Delilah at three and a bit months is a sweetie

Joe loved his new blue jumper but, at three and a half, didn’t stay still for long enough for me to photograph him wearing it!

We shopped – I finally visited the Cloth House in Berwick Street and bought some stunning linen for a very special dress that I need in September.  I met up with my favourite ladies Jennie and Lesley in Spitalfields market for plenty of vintage fabric and bags of old buttons.

We visited the Barbican for a look at the Bauhaus exhibition and a wander around one of the strangest housing complexes.  Back in the late sixties my parents along with me and my sister moved from a lovely Regency house in Windsor to a top floor flat in this place.  It was brand new then and only a few blocks were finished.  I have a lasting impression of a state of the art galley kitchen and long deserted corridors both inside and out.

The grey concrete is still grey even though massive planting and water features are doing their best to soften the lines and a chill wind still whips through the walkways.

London’s newest building the Shard is now finished and, like the gherkin, appears on the skyline around every corner.  I like it’s sparce, clean tallness.

And from the top of the bus Tower Bridge looked good too, sporting it’s Olympic rings.

I don’t envy Londoners living and working there over the next weeks, it’s not going to be easy.  But for the visitors, London is looking good.