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What other colour could it be today, 17 March.  All over Ireland today people will dress in green and march in parades to celebrate St Patrick’s day.  Here’s my own celebration.

Green Wool Bags available here and here on Etsy

The green flowers of Helleborus argutifolius

The rich green of Camellia sinensis in the tea plantations of southern India

My favourite lamp

Spring must be on it’s way, the larches are sprouting

Too early for the real thing

Extraordinary fruit in India – Jack fruit

My current favourite Vintage Print Summer Bag.

Happy Paddy’s Day.

The March photo scavenger hunt was quite a challenge - here’s my contribution.

A Lion – not too many of these beasts around these parts so this is from a childhood book ‘The Wonder Book of Nature’

A Rainbow – I was lucky with this as it appeared as I was in the garden

Something Green – now this was very difficult as the choices for something green in Ireland in March are endless!  In the end I chose the tops of a big Pink Grapefruit Marmalade order waiting to go out.

An Empty Chair – in a bedroom in the faded grandeur of Bantry House, Co. Cork

Something Sentimental – my mother, circa 1926, the least sentimental person I know!

Peeling Paint – an old garden bench

A Collection – one of T’s favourites and I counted another two after I took this!

A Ring – to tie your boat to at the harbour in Castletownbere.

A Fancy Gate – I’m always slightly suspicious of  fancy gates put up outside quite ordinary houses.

A Shadow – what long legs!

Something as Old as You – dear old Teddy who looks as old as I sometimes feel!

A Lamb – this little thing was only a day old.

Thank you again Kathy for organising this every month.  I so enjoy my scavenging  - it keeps me focused on looking around.  Then looking at every one elses pictures is such fun.  All the pictures are here.  Looking forward to April’s challenge already!

P.S.  The Flickr link doesn’t seem to be working so if you go to www.flickr.com and then the group Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 you should get there.