It’s been a cutting kind of week!  I have a big order for bags which will keep me busy for the next few months so had to visit Kerry Woollen Mills to stock up on supplies.  This is what 30 metres of undyed Irish organic wool looks like.

This is what the early stage of about 100 Gorgeous Wool Bags looks like.

Luckily I have a new assistant  Chief Wool Cutter.  The remarkable and versatile T has slipped easily into the role and actually enjoys hours of cutting, helped along by loud music or The Goons!

He’s doing a grand job!  Meanwhile I’m rapidly emptying the shelves of vintage cottons for the linings and counting buttons!

Other cutting has been happening outside – it’s hard to believe that this willow stump will have long straight rods by the end of the year.

  We’ve cut  all the willows, dogwoods, eucalyptus, pruned hydrangeas, roses, santolinas and buddleia

 and are left with an extra large bonfire in waiting. 

Mr Nosey has to check we’ve done it right!

This pile is for Lynn Kirkham, basket maker par excellence.  I had a go at basket making once.  It’s great fun and if I wasn’t making bags …. !

Shan’t be posting for a while.  Off to London for the arrival of our second grandchild (ooooohh, I’m SO excited!), the Selvedge Spring Fair next Saturday and a bit of a break before the serious business of sewing begins!