It’s June 30th.  Yes, I know, it can’t be possible!  But there it is and it’s time once again for the Scavenger Hunt.  And once again it’s been a challenge and sometimes thought provoking.  Here’s my, rather hurried, contribution.

Something with your town’s name on it.  This is the townland on Bere Island where we live.

An Elephant.  A present from a very dear friend for my last enormously big birthday! 

A Wheel Trim.  Brendan Murphy’s tractor.

Architectural Detail.  First floor balcony at Eccles Hotel, Glengarriff.

Cheese.  Irish cheeses are fantastic.  If it’s kept well, this is one of the best.

Night.  Midsummer night and the white specks are raindrops!

Tree Branches.  Cordyline australis, the New Zealand Cabbage Palm, grows well here.  But last winter’s cold has harmed a lot of them.  This may recover but it may not …

Cutlery.  My mixed collection of what’s  left of  my grandparents’ wedding present and charity shop finds.  I have a thing about bone handled knives!

A Childhood Memory.  More memories of my grandparents.  Granny sent me a postcard every week when I was little.  These cards, over fifty years old now, can still evoke Granny’s voice and presence. 

A Farm Animal.  A day out at the seaside!

Something Beginning with Z….   Zantedeschia, Arum lily.

The View Right Outside Your Door.  Words not nessessary!

Thank you Kathy at postcards from the p.p.

I hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I do!

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