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We’re nearly there!

Invitations have been sent, replies received;  the food is chosen, champagne ordered and flowers are on the way.

A new shirt and tie have been purchased and a dress is nearly made.  And yesterday I chose a gold ring.

In two weeks time, T and I will be hosting a party to celebrate our marriage.  Yes, after a mere 23 years, we’re finally doing it.  And I can’t wait!

And the honeymoon?  Well, for the moment it will be spent at London’s Earls Court.  Not very romantic as everyone keeps telling us but business is business.

We’re taking  Cattapilla Designs to Top Drawer,  the design-led Trade Fair, which opens 2 days after the wedding!

So I may not be posting  for a few weeks.  There’s still plenty to be done and I’m not sure which takes more organising – a trade fair or a wedding!

Is this the summer, finally?  It certainly feels like it.  And with all the rain we’ve had everything is looking very happy, flowers and insects alike.   More please!

… to watch the Olympics and knit at the same time!

I cheered, gasped, shouted and clapped as those dedicated athletes showed us what they’re made of.  As un-sporty as I am –  in my school days I had the most frequent and disabling periods in history to avoid hockey and gym –  I thoroughly enjoyed watching all that activity whilest I sat on the sofa trying to knit.  I really shouldn’t have bothered.  Although not a complicated stitch, counting is important and every morning I retrieved a tangle of wool and needles which needed concentration and patience to put right.

I think I managed to put most of it right but there are mistakes too far back to unravel.  They will be my deliberate mistakes, like the Islamic carpet weavers who show their humility by making deliberate mistakes believing that perfection belongs only to Allah.

Can you see it?

We haven’t had many views recently.

A brief glimpse of grey clouds on the way back from town but generally, cloud.  No hazy summer far-reaching views from home across a sparkling Bantry Bay towards Sheep’ s Head.  Until the other evening when, as the sun went down, out of the gloom there appeared land and sea and even some sky.

Pink sky at night, shepherd’s delight?

I wish!