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Tucked down in the hollow behind the hills to the west, we don’t see the glorious sunsets over the sea.  But we do get to watch the dawn over Mount Gabriel to the south east while waiting for the kettle for the morning cuppa.

Time has rapidly passed and it’s already November tomorrow bringing with it my birthday – where did the last 60 years go for goodness sake!   We’re off to England for a break, this time taking in country as well as city.  And when we get back I’m looking forward to having time to read blogs that have become friends and which I’ve  missed reading over the past few franctic months.  Time also to blog myself  -  I’ve missed that too.  So with a new year starting for me tomorrow, I intend to give myself more time before too much passes again.

This was yesterday morning. 

 Like all other recent mornings.  Dripping.  In a desperate need to be outside I looked at the garden in a different way.

Then suddenly at lunchtime the fog lifted, the wind turned to the north and skies cleared. 

 Blessed warm sunshine! 

 And at dusk the full moon hung heavy in a clear sky.

  Perhaps the weather had changed?

This morning it’s raining again. 

Drip, drip, drip ….


Remember this?

June, this was.  Good summer weather.

Now while I don’t begrudge anyone good weather, Indian summers and record October temperatures, we here on Bere island are getting pretty sick of  hearing of sunny hot days on Ireland’s east coast and pictures of clear blue skies over what looks like a lot of England and Wales.  Well, lucky you!

This has been our view for the past week.  At least the grass is green!

Through the gloom this morning I noticed large dark moving things in the field below.  Three more cows, this time brown, have arrived and are looking suitably p***ed off.


Just as well I have plenty of sewing to do -  gardening is out of the question.  Any lettuce still worth picking is crawling with extra animal protein as slugs are out and about enjoying the dampness.  I should be planting bulbs and clearing gone over vegetables but  it’s just too soggy.  The seedlings of spinach, chard and pak choi sown a few weeks ago have of course been decimated but despite the stirling efforts of high rise snails and slugs I still managed to find some  runner beans this morning, although I think they may be the last. 

No Scavenger Hunt  last month I’m afraid and I didn’t even manage to join in with Katarina’s Blooming Friday.  Not only did September disappear before I’d really noticed that it had begun but my head is too full at the moment for anything other than getting the orders out and making sure we eat, sleep and get out of the house once in a while.  I shall try to do better over the next few weeks but forgive me if my blogging posts continue to be sporadic and rambling!

If you still have the sun, enjoy it!