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I really haven’t been in a blogging mood recently, whatever that may be.  I think I got overwhelmed  by the  massive amounts that fellow bloggers seem to get done and then find the time to write in an interesting  and entertaining way about bringing up children, working full time,  travelling, making stuff, selling stuff, managing websites, cooking and on top of all that taking wonderful photos to share with the world!  Where do they find the time?

I blame the weather for my inertia.  Not getting outside for more than a couple of days and I begin to go a bit mad.  But yesterday the sun shone for a few hours and I managed to get out for a walk down to the nearest strand where I met two new friends and watched the great sea and sky, getting home as the first drops of another downpour fell.  And things felt better.


The sounds of winter surprised me as it’s still warm and lots of leaves, although turning, are still firmly attached  despite the dreadful winds we’ve been getting.  The noise of water followed me – gushing streams unseen beneath overgrown ditches, waterfalls tumbling from the hills,  trickling streams running across the lanes, me splashing through giant puddles, crashing waves as the tide rolled in.  And along with dusk came the sharp cries of blackbirds.

But I haven’t been completely idle.  Having mastered knitting with 4 double pointed needles (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!)  I’ve made myself some wristwarmers.  They were quick and easy and are brilliant.  I found the pattern ( 1 Day Wristwarmers) on that knitting-heaven website Ravelry .  I used my all time favourite Aran weight wool, Aran Tweed by Donegal Yarns.  I’ve lost count of the jumpers, jackets, waistcoats, scarves and hats that I’ve made using this beautiful wool.  It knits up wonderfully and the colours are glorious.

And I’ve finally got myself a rotary cutter and cutting mat.  I’m not completely relaxed using it but I haven’t lost any fingers yet and I’m already convinced by the benefits.  Cutting narrow strips of fabric for Wrist Key Fobs was always a tedious job with scissors but with the rotary cutter it’s quicker and more accurate.  And I don’t have the scissors-thumb-blister-scab anymore!

  So now there are lots of new Key Fobs on the website that will be in the new Christmas Present Category which will be going live after this weekend.

  Because this weekend sees winter really beginning as our clocks go back and darkness takes over from daylight;  and Hallowe’en follows tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who shared our sadness of Horace’s death.  We are still trying to get used to a house without dogs, having had at least one for over 30 years.  Thank goodness for the cats!

I don’t know where last week went.  Suddenly it’s the middle of October and I’m busy making Christmas stock.  I shan’t be doing a Christmas Fair in London this year.  Instead I’m working on a  Christmas Present Category on the website which will have a selection of new and familiar goods from Cattapilla Designs that I think will make brilliant Christmas Presents! 


The Lavender Bags are ready and in the shop again.  And although the “effect of eating too much lettuce is said to be soporific”,  the Flopsy Bunnies should try filling, sewing-up and photographing Lavender Bags for a few days!  I could barely keep my eyes open surrounded by the pungent smell of lavender! 

There are also some beautiful new Gorgeous Wool Bags.  Rich and bright colours


Raspberry Pink



Peacock Blue

and more of the popular Organic Irish Grey Marl.

  The linings are as always from my collection of vintage print cottons and some of the colour combinations are scrummy. 


This has to be my favourite 

with this a close second. 

And talking of colour how about these

and these for a cold grey autumn day?

Don’t they just make you want to smile?


It’s not been a good week.  Horace, our gentle Welsh collie, died on Tuesday.  He was 16 years old and had been with us since he was three months old.  I chose him from a litter at a farm in South Wales and he has been our constant faithfull friend ever since.  T and I  miss him so much, his best friends Rosie and Hercules miss him and the house and garden just don’t seem right without him.

He’s buried in the garden between Ollie the tabby cat and Bert the terrier and tomorrow I shall plant daffodils over him.

Goodbye Horace.



Yesterday, October 2nd, I saw the first  TV advertisement for Christmas!  I’m not going to give the store a free mention – it already has too big a grip on our lives even here in Ireland – but really.  At the end of a week in which Ireland has been in the news worldwide for it’s economic troubles,  we are being told that Christmas is on it’s way so get out there and spend.

That’s all!